Blog Content Checklist

Blog Content Checklist

Blog Content Checklist it’s a platform that you can flip content into it and it’s basically creating a digital magazine. So there’s no reason why you can’t create a digital magazine named after your business or related to your business and just flip your content into your very own. Flipboard number 9 is an email which I don’t know why I put it to number 9 because to me it’s pretty obvious. You know if you’ve got existing subscribers, you’d, probably update them.

Whenever you share new content or create new content, so don’t hesitate to let your subscribers know about your created senior content. Some people will do this quite often and some people will do it in a weekly, wrap-up email the way that you want to communicate with your subscribers is completely up to you, but a good way to syndicate your content and get more eyeballs on it. Early is to let your subscribers

Number 10 is Tumblr, so after you have published your blog or content jump on Tumblr and just import, the link and you’ll bring brunch across the content from wherever you have posted it. So don’t neglect Tumblr as a platform to syndicate your content. Number 11 is slightly less obvious because it is a paid syndication strategy and it’s a platform called viral content.

Be no. I don’t use this as much as I have right now, but it’s still worth checking out. So if you haven’t checked out before checking out viral content, you might find that the platform is going to be useful to you to be able to share your content and get your content shared with about half of the people. The concept behind viral content Bay, is you upload your content into the platform and then influence other users will actually share your content on their Facebook, Twitter page so on and so forth, or their social media profiles.

Basically so viral content they check it out, it may be a useful number. Twelve is one blog does use very frequently. It’s called Q promote and I spoke Q-u-u-u. I think I don’t know if there are two years or three years I’ll. Let you check that out.

Let me find the comments because I can’t remember, but anyways Quuu promote you soon on the viral content B, but I’ll just find out a lot more intuitive and easy to understand and you basically buy credits and each month those credits will renew. So you get six credits per month, then you’ll get six credits every month and basically, what you do is once you’ve published a piece of content. I have a blog. You will then jump into the platform pop the link in and do a bit of editing on the Twitter and Facebook side of things.

You just write a bit of coffee change, energy. You need to add some hashtags to the Twitter side of them the visual and then once you submit it, it gets reviewed by Quuu because they’ll make sure every bit of content is quality. So if you’ve got to use a brief there, their guidelines, and then once it’s approved,

Quuu users will actually share your content on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is driven thousands upon thousands and pots of clicks on my own content and I’ll encourage you strongly to check it out I’ll pop a link down below, because Quuu promote is brilliant, so number thirteen is submitting your content to webmasters. That basically means jumping on. For example, your Google search console platform login, whatever account, and requesting your newly published blog to be crawled by search engines.

So hopefully this will get your content indexed sooner and the SEO side of the internet will hopefully take over and get your stuff seen. So next to a pretty advanced and that’s okay, so number 14 answers, questions on Quora and Quora. If you’re not familiar with it – and I don’t even know – I’m saying it right but who cares right is a platform where people ask questions and then users can jump on and it’s those questions. So you know content is relevant. Then you can answer the question by including an ever snippet or an excerpt on the old content, or even just riffing, for your own knowledge and then potentially linking back to your content. If it makes sense, don’t get a link happy there because nobody likes to see random links in Quora answers, so just make sure that it’s relevant to number 15 is reached out to bloggers, and this is really powerful from an SEO perspective. But it is very, very time-consuming.

Why don’t talk me on a team specifically that helps me and my clients reach out to bloggers to help get links back to their content? But if you’re going to do it yourself, you can reach other bloggers in a similar niche and you can ask them to link back to your content if it is relevant or if it adds to what in their publishing or doing or saying so on and so forth. Make sure it’s you know a compelling reach out. We get a heap of requests for our own websites, where you run about three or four different websites for your own publishing purposes and they’ve got client websites and always receive pictures. The good pictures for a LinkedIn request get read basically, but even then my team aims are probably around a ten percent conversion rate from reaching out to a blogger to actually getting a piece of content linked to it. So there you have it there are 15 things that you do after you publish a piece of content on the internet. Hope you get more eyeballs on it now.

Obviously, publishing a piece of content or creating the content is the hard part of getting it in the crowd and syndicated across the internet. So more people see it is also important for making sure your website is set up and optimized. So you can be crawled and read by search engines, so you’re going to get organic traffic is equally as important. So there’s going to be a link down below in the description or a button on this video somewhere click that and request a free SEO order to make sure that there’s nothing stopping your website from being indexed or crawled or otherwise, read appropriately by search engines. That’s it for me today until next time stay classy,

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