How can marketing operations simplify compliance?


So compliance is becoming more and more important for many businesses these days. Whether they are in financial services or pharmaceutical industries, where you know compliance has always been a big part of what they’ve delivered. Or whether it’s just to do with, you know, general Advertising Standards and what’s deemed acceptable in the marketplace. So most marketeers work under some form of compliance. And really what we try and do with good marketing operations is to make that as easy and as simple and straightforward as possible.

So that you know when anyone in compliance or regulator is looking at it we know that you know were they aware of the regulations when they’re putting this together? Yes. Do they know what they had to do to make this compliant? Yes. Have they done it? Yes. Have they collected the correct information to ensure that, actually you know this meets all the compliance needs? And you know the answer is yes they have.

And really you’re looking to make the marketers job easier in that respect so that compliance isn’t something that they’re concerned about, takes headspace and they have to think about. But it’s just something that’s a natural part of what they do as efficiently and easily as possible. Good marketing organisations typically will always want to be pushing the boundaries of, you know, what the what norm is. And regulators they’re people like me and you and they really are looking to say okay you know is it acceptable is this something we’re going to allow and by having a good marketing operations platform that kind of shows you know why we’ve done things and how we’ve done things really that allows gives the regulator’s confidence to see that yeah you know what this is new ground and it’s acceptable ground. Then you know it’s new value for that business as well..

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