5 Ways to Profit from Domain Names

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In today’s struggling economy, many individuals worry about their jobs. To minimize income loss, some are turning to the internet to make extra cash. Although most turn to eBay.com, there are other methods of making money online, like with domain names.

So, how can a simple domain name, like EXAMPLE.com, turn a profit? In at least five different ways!

1 ? When Parked with Advertisements

A parked domain name is one that has been purchased, but not yet used. In most cases, the owner is waiting for the perfect time to flip or sell the website. Domains also sit unused while webmasters contemplate development. Current domain owners are urged to join a parked domain monetizing program right away. Current parked domains lose money everyday that a “page not found,” message appears. Current domain owners stand the best chance of making money, but anyone can buy a domain and park it with advertisements.

2 ? When Sold

As previously stated, domain name owners occasionally use parking advertisements to make money before a sale. This is because a sale can happen in 24 hours or not for 2 years. It all depends on the approach taken. Those who have a profitable domain name, such as Pizza.com can make a lot of money. Aside from outright selling, domain owners with quality names are approached with a larger purchase offer. For average to poor quality domains, such as makemoneynow23.com, a third party listing website is the best method of selling.

3 ? Develop It

Domain names themselves are best sold for a profit. Domain names combined with a web hosting package are best used. A website can sell a product, service, or generate income through pay-per-click advertisements and affiliate programs. A website needs a solid marketing plan and search engine friendly content, but it is easy to generate income. Developing a domain name and website is best for those who can wait, as it does not produce immediate cash. Instead, profits are generated overtime.

4 ? Create a Turnkey Website

As previously stated, a domain name has the potential to be profitable overtime. Those who have the ability to market, write content, and design a website can gain an immediate profit by sale. A turnkey website is a website that is ready for immediate use. All buyers need to do is add their own products, affiliate banners, or pay-per-click advertisements. Websites are advertised for sale on internet marketing forums, third party listing websites, and with for sale messages on the website.

5 ? Help Others Sell Domain Names

As domain name selling and flipping increases in popularity, many internet users try the opportunity. Unfortunately, most lose money or barely make a profit. Of course, it depends on the domain name, but even quality names are being sold for $500 when they could easily sell for $1,000. Those with experience flipping domain names for a substantial profit can assist others. Brokers charge fees in the format of monthly listing fees or sales percentages.

As highlighted above, there are at least five ways to profit from a simple domain name. Those interested in trying this moneymaking opportunity are encouraged to get started. As previously stated, domain name flipping and turnkey websites are increasing in popularity. Now, they are an easy and unique way to make money, but they won’t be for long.


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