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All people eloch larsen right here on this video we’ll speak a few practical technique that you should utilize to make money on Flippa I’ve used the identical process over the last two years to construct a large facet income establishing starter web pages and selling them at public sale on flip up I’ve offered internet sites from hundreds and hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of bucks which might be effortlessly starter internet sites and you would even recognize me from just a few articles from flippo’s possess blog so what is it what is the approach that we’re using that we’re speaking about it can be very with no trouble a approach of setting up web sites utilising WordPress subject matters WordPress plugins and promoting them at public sale on Flippa so why does that work how does that work and why is it doable so one among my favorite rates i’m going to share with you it is when you consider that anything like in a gold rush do not dig for gold sell the shovels it seems like the gigantic rush is to be the following fb or snapchat how do I create a passive earnings move building a startup website what do I do all people’s rushing to try this which is best there is there’s nothing wrong with that and it is possible to do that but usually as a single founder it can be simply no longer achievable it is very rough to do that so what about the opportunity of promoting the tools and the shovels to to this market this market that wishes to create an exception fb why no longer you need to be the man or woman selling the tools and the plugins or the starter internet sites it can be there’s a variety of opportunity I consider and that I’ve realized in that facet of the equation so that you maybe questioning well what if i’m not technical what if I don’t know anything about WordPress what if I don’t know some thing about code well that is high-quality I did not know some thing about code or WordPress both I discovered WordPress by trial and error building out my first internet site inspiration so if anything that sounds fascinating to you I’ve put together an extended video describing my story extra in element and it describes the process that i’m utilising and the approach that i’m utilising in higher detail than only a two-minute video like this i’ll go into how I bought started what WordPress themes i am using what distinctive niche type of starter sites that I promote on Flippa and i will go over on display some of my earlier listings and the way they’ve completed and what that you may count on and there’s a little bit extra expertise in there and i’ll talk about of course my path as well the training video of course i’ve and if you’re excited about that there is a little box below this video where it says watch my full studies that is the place which you could go to watch that some extra and then in case you have any questions of path there may be a there so there is either a little bit chat field down here within the backside proper nook or there is a contact button on the top of the web page i’m traditionally beautiful just right about responding quickly so in case you have any flip of questions strategies feel free to reach out to me so thanks so much for gazing this video or studying my weblog article it is been a blast putting these together and with a bit of luck i’ll speak to you soon bye

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