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Modern businesses today compete aggressively for more traffic and higher sales through good rankings that are ‘conferred’ by top search engines such as Google. Such rankings help web consumers who surf the web to find the best of information or content quickly without wasting time in sifting through thousands of potential sites.

The Alexa traffic rank has become renowned among online business entities to be a highly significant metric measurement for identifying a website performance. This type of ranking is very useful in comparing the performance of one website with similar websites in a particular niche. It is often combined with Google’s page ranking system to become an impactful metric measurement in identifying the market position of a website against its competitors.

Comparisons Between Google and Alexa

Most businesses are familiar with Google Page ranking to actively desire a higher rank through the relevant implementation of features and tools that include dynamic marketing strategies such as search engine optimization and link building. Google’s page ranking system measures the quality of content posted on a website in terms of the content’s usefulness, originality and relevancy to web readers.

Only high quality content on the website would be ranked high to impress and attract web consumers. This means more traffic would be drawn to the targeted website that would be considered a reputable site for quality content. Google’s search algorithm is very complex and thorough in evaluating and ranking any content to be ranked. Quality content which attracts organic traffic can boost the Page rank to be between 1 and 10 on Google’s First Page ranking.

The Alexa rank system works on slightly different strands. It inclines on the popularity of the website based on the content posted. The two ranking systems can be readily connected to confirm the quality of the site and contents. There are existing Advertiser networks, which pay more for websites that boast of a higher Alexa value. A lower Alexa ranking draws more traffic to generate higher incomes for the web business owner or marketer easily.

An Alexa ranking below 100 000 is good enough to draw more traffic to the website while a ranking under 10 000 offers higher lucrative income to venture into this web business on a full time basis.

Improving Alexa Ranking Tips

It is possible to raise the Alexa ranking for any website. The first tip is to claim the website to be ranked. One of the Alexa ranking system features, is to calculate site interaction for high rankings, which is based on the ownership of the website. It is crucial for an online business owner to own its web business site in order to make all the visits count towards a lower Alexa rank which puts the website at the top of the pack.

Secondly, smart web businesses would move on to the Alexa website to install its toolbar immediately for a more accurate recording of visits to be accorded a better rank. It is easy to install the Alexa system toolbar with the proper instructions in detail for a quick and straightforward installation. When this site is visited by other site owners with a similar toolbar, their visits would be immediately recorded and computed to generate a better Alexa rank.

This action must be executed after claiming the website to put into effect a good Alexa rank.

Thirdly, the Alexa ranking system also approves of good hyperlinks and SEO features in a website. Hence, building proper hyperlinks using primary keywords is effective with the inclusion of generic link texts. This execution boosts the website on SEO standing to influence the Alexa ranking. Most traffic is expected to be drawn to the website which boasts of a higher profile in top search engines’ SERPs. A high percentage of traffic would also have the Alexa toolbar that confirms the website’s standing in the market.

Webmasters can enhance the Alexa rank on their targeted websites by executing searches on “Comment Luv” blogs that enjoy high page rankings by top search engines such as Google as well as low Alexa ranking. Higher web traffic can be generated through an active participation in posting quality content or provide insightful comments that would stir the readers’ interests to follow the link.

The fourth tip for a better Alexa rank is the simple sharing of snippets of quality content posted on popular social media networks and other relevant satellite sites which are also known as linkwheels. These sites have been proven to improve the Alexa rank significantly with better searches on content and websites. Further research is required to understand the whole works on the Alexa ranking system to impact social media and satellite sites’ influence on any targeted website.

Last but not least is the use of forums for backlinks. Such online platforms are extremely useful in boosting the Alexa rank if there are plenty of participants in these forums. The more members participating in the forums, the better their influence on securing a lower Alexa rank for the targeted website. Webmasters are also permitted to leave their signature on these online forums which would attract traffic to the web business site. This online signature provides an avenue for an appropriate link to the web business site not only for web traffic generation but better Alexa ranking.


Modern businesses today are equipped with more than one tool and resources to benefit their modus operandi and image with Google SERP and Alexa ranking. A good ranking of the web business site boosts the market presence and credibility of the brand and business entity that would draw in more traffic and sales.

Succeeding in an online business today is easy with the myriad of cost effective tools and resources available; however, a good ranking of the web business page is crucial to differentiate the excellent from the mediocre in the industry. This would require an attractive blog or web page with great content and SEO features that would secure good rankings on the Alexa ranking system as well as top search engines SERPs such as Google’s.

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