Viral Video Marketing Techniques

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Viral Video Marketing Techniques

Viral Video Marketing TechniquesViral Video Marketing Techniques For a video to get about 100,000 views or even more, hard work is required. For it to have a significant online presence, it should be posted on the various platforms like; YouTube, Google Video, Facebook, different blogs, dig and many more. For promotional videos to become viral, various viral video marketing techniques’ should be employed.

Many videos are uploaded on the internet daily. For instance, the daily YouTube video uploads range from 10,000 to 65,000. This makes it hard for any single video to be found and watched. The best viral video marketing techniques should therefore ensure that a video gets many view, ratings, favourites as well as blog posts that link back to the video.


Decent content is what drives people back to a site but it is not the only viral video marketing techniques strategy. Ensure that a brand fits into a great concept instead of forcing a concept to fit a particular brand. Below are some of the guidelines;

  •   Make it short by breaking it into bite-size clips of 15-20 seconds.
  •   It should have a simple design that can be remixed easily.
  •   Do not make it an outright advertisement.
  •   It should be shocking. For viewers to develop an interest to investigate further.
  •   Fake headlines can also be used so as to catch the attention of the viewer.
  •   It should be appealing or sexy.

Core Strategy

After designing the viral video marketing techniques to harness traffic to it. This can be achieved by doing the following;

  •   Reach out to individuals running relevant blogs and have them run the video. This might be at some cost.
  •   Create forums and embed the video in the conversations.
  •   Use social media to embed, share and tag friends.
  •   Send it to an email list.
  •   Distribute it to friends and encourage them to do the same.

For viral video marketing techniques optimization, use a compelling and clear thumbnail. It can be changed from time to time. You can make controversial comments on the video with your friends so as to attract people to it. If there are multiple videos, release them simultaneously. Use unique tags. After employing all these tactics, track the video so as to monitor views, comments and ratings.

Viral Video Marketing Techniques

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