8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Tap Into Facebook

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Aspiring entrepreneurs today are indulging in Facebook marketing with the social media network deemed as the ‘mighty goliath of social media’ with billions of registered users that are potential business leads to any business. This is very attractive to small businesses wanting to source target demographics easily and readily without wasting time and money with billions at the doorstep for the taking.

Facebook Features

Facebook is engaged by small aspiring business entrepreneurs to compete with the giants in the industry and market without losing out on resources, capital or returns. This social media platform is more than a place to share personal information, pictures or even videos for online social interactions; businesses could reap a fortune sharing and promoting relevant content that builds up their brand and market position.

Small business owners and marketers are quickly tapping into Facebook via the wide array of features that could be manipulated as marketing approaches in building consumer trust and confidence in the brand and products or services offered. It is easy to get started on Facebook with a free registration and the creation of a simple yet creative personal profile page or business page that is the focus of the marketing activities.

The following reasons compel small business owners to venture into Facebook marketing to derive optimal returns and results.

1) Easy to Build Trust on Brands

Branding is a difficult process in any market, but easy on Facebook with the millions of subscribers. There would be enough Facebook users who would be inclined towards the brand or business offerings to generate the desired level of trust and support in establishing a brand name.

Many local brands are well established through Facebook by leveraging on its wide domain and easy acceptance by web users. Facebook trust is established through the common acquaintances in the social media network community that knows and likes one another. As one shares or posts a piece of content, many responses are expected in a short period with a strong level of trust inclined and an acceptance of the content as true and accurate.
Little effort is required to garner credibility once web users are enlisted into that specific social community.

2) Huge Reservoir of Potential Leads

Facebook offers billions of potential business leads to any business one may wish to start up on the Internet. There is no need to seek viable business prospects with the millions waiting to be called upon and millions more waiting to enquire what is offered.

The world’s largest social media platform contains all walks of life from every nook and corner around the globe to be viable business customers for any business big or small. The onus is on the marketer or the business entrepreneur to tap into Facebook for the preferred niche audiences as market potentials.

3) Deeply Engaging and Interactive

Facebook users tend to be highly engaging on this social media networking platform with many hours indulging in online connectivity and interaction, especially with sophisticated mobile devices that have dynamic apps.

With the long length of interaction time on Facebook, small business entrepreneurs are able to engage identified potential leads or enjoy more success in finding preferred niche markets at any time to build their leads list.

4) Multiple Connections

Facebook marketing allows multiple connections with one marketing efforts that makes the activity very cost effective, especially when high returns are generated. This huge community grows exponentially with the average Facebook user having an estimated 350 friends in its circle of influence.

Marketers could share contents at one level of influence with deeper and multiple levels of sharing made possible through that level of connections.

5) Simple ROI Tracking

Facebook offers an exciting feature known as ‘Insights and Analytics’ that ensures targeted user groups to view business ads and messages with accurate reports which are in-depth on Facebook advertising. This user friendly and helpful online analytics tool helps new business entrepreneurs to understand their market position from detailed figures on their marketing endeavors and advertising escapades. Small business users are able to gauge how responsive are their marketing campaigns and strategies to improve where required.

6) No Missing Out on SEO in Search Engines

The high popularity of Facebook attracts Google’s search algorithm to include the social media’s public content in its searches. Hence, a well designed public business page on Facebook could be picked up by Google with a high ranking that contributes to attracting more web traffic to the website.

Marketers would have less work to do in ensuring a favorable stand with top search engines like Google in securing high SERPs to benefit their business brand and market visibility.

7) Up-to-date Competitor Monitoring

Facebook business pages have become very ubiquitous to be publicly available with an alert eye on direct competition that would allow marketers to stay ahead at all times. It is usually not easy to keep pole position with the rising competition in the market from all quarters.

However, some complimentary companies could strike up an alliance to become business partners with the right conditions set in place. Small business owners and marketers could leverage on the strengths of these alliances to move forward in the market more quickly than scheduled.

8) Get Personal without the Clutter

Loyal customers are very supportive of the brand and business when the presentation is on a personal level that allows the entrepreneur to be transparent with more opportunities for personal customer interactions. There is no need to clutter the main website with the proper provision of contents conveyed to specific customers on a personal approach which Facebook offers through its varied features.

These exciting reasons should suffice to attract any aspiring small business entrepreneur to jump into the bandwagon on Facebook to get going on the playing field with the big boys and survive. However, Facebook marketing should not be the only marketing strategy to be adopted to grow the business. It is excellent to get the business off the ground for new business entrepreneurs seeking a business opportunity without getting drowned in the ocean.

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